Change the way you manage your money

Launching soon, viepal gives you a single app which will take care of all your financial needs

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One App
One Card

Unify all of your existing bank accounts into one app. Use your metal viepal card to access all your accounts.

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viepal app

The power of One

View and manage all of your existing bank accounts from the viepal app

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viepal app


Simply scan your existing cards into the app and you have full control of your money

The power of One
The power of One

Join our team

viepal is the first Financial Services company in Ireland to adopt a 4 day working week
We offer industry leading salaries, amazing perks and fantastic career opportunities

We don't have a Diversity Policy - we don't believe that we need one!
Your beliefs, life preferences or where you come from are not a concern for us

We look for people who are professional, passionate about their work and who will give us their best when working with us

We hire people from many countries and we offer location flexible working arrangements

Most of all, we want you to be proud to be working with us
Oh, and don't forget about that 4 day working week thing!!


Our Founders and Exec Team

Charlie Sherlock
Charlie Sherlock
Founder and CEO
Christopher Karatzinis
Christopher Karatzinis
Founder and CIO
John Hand
John Hand
Sean Honan
Sean Honan


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

When do you launch?

We plan to launch our services and cards on a phased basis, beginning in the summer of 2020. We require a license from the Central Bank of Ireland to offer certain services and we will keep this page updated with this progress.

How do I register for the initial launch?

Simply send your email address to us here and we will let you know
The first 500 people to register will receive an exclusive Platinum laser etched card and lifetime access to all viepal services for free!

What is different about viepal?

We offer you compelling reasons to use our card, app and products. We have a range of products, discounts, cashback (real cash by the way!) and add on services which will make the viepal card indispensable. As we will be a PISP (under EU Law) you can transfer money and make payments from your viepal app. One app, giving you total control of your money.

How much does this cost me?

Nothing. We will always offer a card and app, which are fully functional and will always be totally free for you to use

Contact Us

88 Harcourt Street
Dublin 2
D02 DK18

+353 (1) 437 8810